Department of Statistics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

STAA35 Business Statistics

5 credits

Introductory course, prerequisites: none


The course consists of two parts. One covers introductory probability theory. This

  • events and sample spaces, simple and joint probability, conditional probability,Bayes' theorem,
  • discrete probability distributions, including binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, hypergeometrical distribution,
  • continuous distributions, including normal and uniform distributions, and
  • sampling distributions of the mean and proportion, the central limit theorem.

The other covers descriptive statistics. This includes

  • data collection, measurement scales, sampling methods, and
  • graphical and numerical methods for summarising and presenting data.


Course Literature


Jakob Bergman
Senior lecturer, director of studies
Phone: +46 46 222 89 05
Room: EC1:361

Jakob Bergman


Joel Danielsson
Phone: +46 76 882 47 11
Room: EC1:340