Staff contact information

set up contact information for every employee

If something happens to a colleague contact information to the colleague's next to kin is very important. Contact information of every employee should be gathered and kept in a safe place to which the people who handles issues like this have access. Routines regarding this has to be settled by a responsible person at every unit. You will find the forms to be filled out (by hand) below. Preferably forms in both English and Swedish should be filled out depending on the main language spoken by the staff at the unit. To be handed in to the Human resources administrator at your unit: 

Personal information/Personuppgifter (in English)

Personal information/Personuppgifter (in Swedish)

Emergency information at LUSEM Staff Pages

Questions about the contact forms?

Please contact the HR department:

Emma Carolander
Human resources coordinator
Phone: +46 46 222 31 25
Room: EC1:320