inspera: for digital exams

Inspera is a tool for digital exams, at campus or at home. Inspera is already in use at LUSEM by about thirty teachers but from spring 2021 Inspera will be introduced to all departments and courses will be given from January onwards.

Why Inspera?
Inspera is a high-quality assessment software trusted by world-class education institutions (for example UNSW in Sydney and Cambridge University). The digital examination tool can be used either in a lecture hall or at home for distance exams. 

Inspera can help you all the way to create a suitable digital exam. In Inspera you are able to:

  • Plan and schedule assessments.
  • Designexam papers, enable aids and access arrangements.
  • Deliver online and offline tests and monitor test-takers during the exam.
  • Mark and produce feedback.
  • Share results and feedback. 

How can I learn more?
At LUSEM the implementation process is underway. So far around 30 teachers are using Inspera and during the spring 2021 more will follow. Courses to learn Inspera will be given at LUSEM during spring. Check this page for updates. 

Where do I go for help?
At LUSEM you can turn to Tomas Sjö with questions about using Inspera. Tomas has designed exams in Inspera during several semesters and can help you with specific questions. 

At the Inspera Help Center you can also find a lot of relevant information that can help you further:
Demo videos – Inspera Help Center

To create and conduct exams in Inspera

What do the students say?

Agnes Hjalt and Emma Olsson, students at LUSEM, share their experience about Inspera.

Contact at LUSEM

Anna Löthman

Tomas Sjö  

Inspera at LU

Learn more about Inspera at LU at the Inspera blog