Maintenance at LUSEM

MAJOR maintenance and renovations

The School of Economics and Management has premises with various property owners. At different times, the properties undergo maintenance and renovation work. Check this page for updates about completed, ongoing and future work.

EC1, EC2 and EC3

Premises owned by Statens Fastighetsverk/National Property Board Sweden.

October-November 2021


  • EC 1-3: Washing and painting work of wood paneling, eaves, downpipes, gutters and external window sills. 
  • EC 2: Classrooms with floor-based supply air diffusers. New supply air diffusers have been placed in the ceiling. 


  • New entrance doors to Alfa 1
    During week 43 (25 – 29 October), Alfa 1 will have new external entrance doors. All four entrances will get new doors. Work starts on Tuesday, 26 October. The contractor tries to complete two entrances in one day. If possible, use another entrance door to Alfa 1.

Ideon Alfa 1, 5 and 6 

Premises owned by Wihlborgs AB.

October-November 2021


  • New tiles have been put up in the majority of toilets.
  • Comfort cooling is installed in fan units. 
  • Lightning: Replacement work finished on Floor 0 (basement) and on the 1st floor.


  • Replacing lightning on the 2nd floor (EKH): 18 October–5 November
  • Replacing lightning on the 3rd floor (FEK): 8 November–26 November
  • Replacing lightning on the 4th floor (NEK/Agrifood): 29 November–17 December
  • Replacing lightning in Offices: Existing lighting is changed to new LED luminaires. The change can be made in less than an hour.
  • Replacing lightning in Corridors and meeting rooms: Existing luminaires are replaced with new LED luminaires. Some parts of the ceiling must be supplemented. Luminaires need to be programmed.
  • Ventilation work* 11 October–26 October.

    *Ventilation work is carried out at all ventilation installations and affects the entire property, on all floors. All fans will be equipped with new cooling batteries for a better climate during heating periods. The ventilation fans have to be stopped now and then during this work, which can cause a feeling of bad air. 

(All dates are preliminary.)


Jörgen Norén
Bursar, purchasing coordinator
Phone: +46 46 222 03 03, +46 70 327 03 03
Room: EC2-245

Jörgen Norén
Last published: 2021-10-22