Faculty and staff images

Professional profile photos

Each year we arrange photo sessions for members of faculty and staff. The sessions provide you with a professional profile photo that can be used for various purposes and in many contexts within as well as outside the university. 

Where can I find my picture?

1. LUSEM websites

You will find a low resolution version optimised for the web at the LUSEM website, for example Contact. Search your name and click “More information”. It will also turn up on the Swedish website under Kontakt.

2. Lund University’s image bank

You will find a high resolution version suitable for print in the Lund University image bank: www.lu.se/bildbank where you sign in with your LucatID. Search your name and you will find the image for you to download.

The staff photos in the image bank are also available to journalists and reporters. If someone asks for your photo for an article etc, please refer to the image bank.


The photos are uploaded to the new research information system LUCRIS by the communications officers at the Dean’s office, as stated in the LUCRIS quick guide, to ensure consistency and quality. Private photos are not recommended.

How may I use the photo?

You are permitted to use and publish your photo in contexts other than Lund University’s websites or printed material. You may, for example, use the photo at a conference, on your personal website or blog, in articles, etc.

Photographs are protected by copyright, which means that the author of the work, i.e. the photographer, has the right to be identified in connection with the work. This right applies in all contexts except where it is practically or technically impossible. You will find the photographer's name specified in connection with your picture in the image bank.

Questions about your photo?

Do you have any questions about the photo that's uploaded in the image bank or do you lack a professional photo?

Contact us!