Material about LUSEM and LU

material about us

On this page, you can find material about our School and about our University, If you need physical brochures or any of our other materials, don’t hesitate to contact us at the communications office.

LUSEM materials

Operating goals for LUSEM 2021 (Swedish)

Operating plan for the Dean's office 2021 (Swedish)

LUSEM's strategic plan 2018-2021 (English)

We care! (Code of conduct) 

LU materials

Arbetsmiljöpolicy för Lunds universitet (Swedish)

Lund University (English)

Lunds universitet (Svenska)

Presentation film about Lund University (English)

Strategisk plan för Lunds universitet (Swedish)

Annual report 2019 (English)


If you have questions about written material, brochures and information on the web please turn to the communication officers at LUSEM.

Last published: 2021-05-01