Election of Dean, Vice-Dean and Faculty Board

The election at LUSEM

Dean of LUSEM

The Dean, in collaboration with the Deputy Dean, will be the faculty's main representative within and outside the University. The Dean has overall responsibility for the entire faculty and reports to the Faculty Board.

Learn more about the requirement specification via the following link:

Requirement specification for the dean of LUSEM

Deputy Dean of LUSEM

The Dean's deputy representative shall be named Deputy Dean. The Deputy Dean shall be an academically well-established teacher. 

LUSEM’s faculty board

The board consists of 17 members:

  • 2 of whom are the Dean and Vice-Dean,
  • 7 members are representatives of scientifically competent teachers (scientifically competent teachers are professors, senior lecturers, associate lecturers, postdoctoral fellows and lecturers (adjunkter) with a doctoral exam),
  • 2 members are representatives of other employees,
  • 3 members are external, and
  • 3 members are students. These are appointed in special order in accordance with the Student Union Regulations.

The external members of the Faculty Board are not subject to public elections, but are appointed by the vice chancellor of Lund University after a proposal from the LUSEM’s nomination committee. The nomination committee can propose one of the external members as chair of the faculty board, which is the current order. Since the external members are not appointed by election, the nomination committee shall give the employees opportunities to comment on such a proposal.

Learn more about the nomination process

In Swedish (PDF, 79 kB)

In English (PDF, 103 kB)