The Local Health and Safety Committee

LHS committee/lokal skyddskommitté

The Local Health and Safety Committee is to be a preparatory and advisory body at the faculty level (equivalent), and support the faculty management in matters relating to the planning, implementation and follow-up of the systematic work environment management within the University.

At LUSEM we have a local health and safety committee assigned to be responsible for the work environment conditions at the faculty. A quote from the LU document with instructions for the committee summarizes the responsibility:

"The local health and safety committee may, among other things, decide to:

  • request investigation, inspection and follow-up of the work environment conditions at the faculty
  • make statements and deliver information
  • summon work environment managers to the committee
  • turn over cases to the central health and safety committee for processing
  • turn over cases to the department for processing."

What are the  main tasks of the committee?

Members of the local health and safety committee are, according to LU standards
and in order to fulfil their duties, to:

  • stay informed of the work environment conditions within the faculty, the working conditions for occupational categories with special needs, and any changes planned by the organisation
  • participate in the training offered at the University regarding work environment legislation, the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations, and local work environment rules.

Questions and suggestions

The committee has meetings on a regurlarly basis and you can always turn to one of the members of the committee with questions or suggestions.

The Committee

Mats Benner, Chair
Joakim Gullstrand, Department of Economics
Anneli Nilsson Ahlm, Department of Economic History
Peter Gustafsson, Principal health and safety representative
Veronica Larsson, Lundaekonomerna/Student health and safety representative

Others with the right to attend, express opinions and make proposals at the meetings of the council:
Jörgen Norén, Estate manager, Dean's office
Emma Carolander, Work environment coordinator and secretary, Dean's office
Robert Howe, Work environment engineer, Occupational Health Service