The Appointments Board

The Appointments Board - Lärarförslagsnämnden

The Appointments Board (Lärarförslagsnämnden) prepares and submits proposals regarding appointments to permanent positions as professors, associate professors (docents), senior lecturers, associate senior lecturers and lecturers.

The Board consists of a chair, three teacher representatives and two student representatives, plus two teacher and two student reserves. With the exception of the student representatives, the Faculty Board appoints the members of the Appointments Board.  

Members of the Appointments Board until 30 June 2024

Mats Benner, Professor

Jerker Holm, Professor

Teacher representatives  
Christina Keller, Professor
Kerstin Enflo, Professor

PhD student representative
Johanne Arnfred, PhD student

Student representative
Veronica Larsson, Student

Jörgen Hettne, Professor
Therese Nilsson, Professor
Johan Jönsson, PhD student
Yeganeh Ranjbar, Student

Alf Rosenbäck, Head of Dean’s Office
Karin Wandér, Board secretary 

Meetings, spring 2023

Wednesdays, 10–12

25 January
1 March
19 April
17 May
14 June


Mats Benner
Phone: +46 46 222 76 20

Karin Wandér
Secretary to the Appointments Board
Phone: +46 46 222 06 36

Last published: 2023-01-20