SSC Primula

In October 2018, Lund University began using the SSC (National Government Service Centre) Primula for payroll management, instead of the current University Primula (Primula Web). You will recognise the new SSC Primula as it is quite similar to what you currently use to register annual leave, change your address, view payslips or submit travel expense reports. SSC Primula offers more self-reporting features, allowing you to register more cases independently than you can today. For example, you will be able to apply for health promotion benefits and time off in SSC Primula rather than submitting a paper form.

SSC Primula

Primula and SSC contact details

Primula – Log in to Primula

Primula support: Call extension 2900 and press 3 or go to:
SSC Client Portal – Log in


For questions about Primula contact the HR function at your department.