Work environment and health

Just as for Lund University, it is an important task for LUSEM to create a good and safe work environment. Every faculty has their own health and safety representative representing you as an employee and will participate in preventive measures taken concerning the work environment at your workplace. The health and safety representatives and other relevant contact persons at LUSEM are listed to the right. 

Health and safety representatives at LUSEM.

Work environment issues can be about, for example, fire safety, indoor climate or risks in the working environment. Contact regarding matters on physical work environment is Jörgen Norén.

What can we do at LUSEM?

Learn more about what the staff at LUSEM can do and learn more about regarding being more environmentallt friendly.

Guide to dealing with discrimination, harassment and victimisation

During spring 2023 the Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity council has produced a guide for the staff about dealing with discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The guide is available in both Swedish and English. 

The LUSEM discrimination guide 

The guide in Swedish (PDF, 3.93 MB)

The guide in English (PDF, 3.93 MB) 


Peter Gustafsson
Main health and safety 
Phone: +46 46 222 04 55

Jörgen Norén
Facility manager, Administration Office
Phone: +46 46 222 03 03

Emma Carolander
Human resources coordinator 
Phone: +46 46 222 70 08