Business travel

To consider before, during and after a business trip.

Before you travel

Step 1 should always be: Consider travel-free alternatives.

Before booking a trip, you must always assess whether the travel can be replaced by digital meetings.

How to perform digital meetings at LUSEM

Read more about digital meetings and video conferences at Lund University.

If you decide to travel, learn about the new regulations

As of 1 January 2019, new regulations apply to all travel paid for by Lund University (for staff and external guests as well as students). They apply both to modes of transport and accommodation.

Things to consider before and while travelling

There is always some practical things to consider and prepare before travelling. At LU Staff Pages you will find general information that goes for all faculties about for example vaccinations, visas, subsistence allowances, travel cost reimbursements, accommodation and more. 

About business travels at LU Staff Pages

After traveling

Tickets and other travel-related expenses shall be invoiced whenever possible. If this is not possible, you may report expenses in the travel expense report system. 

Learn more about how handling invoices and how to do a travel expense.

Last published: 2021-06-21