Doctoral studentships (doktorandanställningar)

salary levels, departmental duties and extensions

Salary levels

There is a special performance-based salary ladder for PhD students employed on doctoral studentships. The salary ladder has three levels: 60 credits, 120 credits and 180 credits. When the PhD student has reached these levels in her/his PhD studies, the salary may be increased.

Application for a new salary according to the above-mentioned levels should be filled out by the supervisor and sent to the administrator for PhD studies. The form can be found in the menu to the right.

Departmental duties

A PhD student can take part in departmental work not exceeding 20 % of total study time. This work is to be distributed in such a way as to develop the PhD student’s research. The PhD student is to be compensated with an equivalent extension of the total study time.

PhD students who engage in teaching are to undergo at least two weeks’ training in teaching and learning in higher education.

Extension of doctoral studentships

If a PhD student at Lund University has been absent due to illness, or taken parental leave, a leave of absence for military service, or leave due to an elected position within a trade union, the PhD student’s employment shall be extended on the doctoral student’s request.

For the right to have your doctoral studentship extended, except in cases of departmental duties, you must have reported your sick leave, or been granted leave in accordance with the established laws and agreements, and according to the procedures at the respective faculties. For extensions due to the corona pandemic, see the guidelines in the menu to the right.

Further reading on salary and extensions

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