Storage of research data

Researchers at Lund University are offered different data storage solutions depending on faculty affiliation.

If your data does not contain personal data or sensitive data:

  • Use the server solution provided and backed up by LDC
  • Use LU Box or OneDrive, these services can be used by all employees at LU for storage of data that do not contain personal data or sensitive information. Both services offer the possibility of sharing data with colleagues within and outside Lund University.

If you work with personal data or other sensitive data:

  • LUSEC is a platform for storing, handling and analysing data in a high-secure way. Access to LUSEC can be purchased at the Faculty of Medicine, read more at the LUSEC webpage.
  • Take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or other sensitive data. Make sure to store your data in a secure location.

If you have questions regarding storage of large quantities of data you can contact LUNARC:

LUNARC (the Center for Scientific and Technical Computing at Lund University)

If you use data from Statistics Sweden (SCB) in your research project, you can store your data in MONA (Microdata Online Access), which is a secure way of storing research data managed by Statistics Sweden:

MONA - Statistics Sweden’s platform for access to microdata

Last published: 2022-02-28