Requirements and guidelines

Here you find information on some of the demands from the Swedish state and funders placed on you as a researcher. 

Research data containing personal data

If your research data contain personal data you need to consider certain laws, such as registration of personal data processing and informed consent. All processing of personal data is regulated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All handling of personal data must be registered in Personal Data Lund University (PULU).

For questions about personal data and data protection please contact the Data Protection Officer at Lund University:

If you have questions regarding research using individual-level data linked with registers you can contact LUPOP (Lund University Population Research Platform). LUPOP is an open resource available for all researchers at Lund University.

Ethical perspectives

If your planned research involves people or the processing of personal data you may need to seek ethical approval from the Swedish Ethical Review Authority.

Archiving of research data

The University is subject to the Swedish Archives Act which specifies how archiving of research data shall be managed. The research at Lund University is a public authority activity, and the documents produced in the research, therefore, belong to the University and need to be archived.

Requirements from funders

Funders are increasingly placing demands on research data management, for example regarding data management plans and for data to be accessible. Below you find links to requirements from some of the largest Swedish and international funders.

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Last published: 2022-02-28