Information retrieval and search strategies

Books, articles and databases

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LUBsearch and LUBcat

LUBSearch is the entry point to all of the University libraries’ collective resources, both electronic and printed. Through a single search field you can find articles, journals, doctoral theses, books and e-books. If you are outside the University campus, log in with your Lucat-ID to access full texts and e-books.

To restrict your search to printed books and e-books, use our library catalogue LUBcat.

LUBsearch - Articles, journals, e-books, books, etc

LUBcat - Library catalogue


LUBSearch contains a large part of the database content owned by Lund University. Databases covered by LUBSearch are marked with a LUBSearch symbol in the database list. To access all our databases, use the database list A-Z. If you are missing a database or need help, please contact the LUSEM Library.

Databases A-Z

To find databases in specific subject areas, use our Subject Guides. In these we have collected useful links to databases, encyclopedias, statistics, news and more.


When using Google Scholar, many of our articles will be available in full text. If you are outside of the Lund University network, you have to adjust the Google Scholar settings to get access to the full text supplied by the library. If you can’t find a full text through Google Scholar you can use the list of ePublications in LUBSearch.

ePublications A-Z

LUBITO is a service where students and staff at Lund University can order scanned articles from journals available in print at the University Library (UB). The service is free of charge and a link to the PDF-file will be delivered the following weekday.

Lubito - Scanned articles

Searching in databases and search strategies

Do you need help with searching in a specific database? Do you want to make sure not to miss out on relevant information within your field of research? The LUSEM Library research support can assist you in different ways.  Together we can make up search strategies and search catalogues, databases, and other online resources. 

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Interlibrary loans and acquisition requests

If there are items you are unable to obtain through the usual channels you may place an interlibrary loan request. You are also welcome to submit an acquisition request for materials which are not available at the library.

Interlibrary Loan Services

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