Interdisciplinary collaboration initiatives

Support for interdisciplinary collaboration initiatives at LUSEM 2021-2022

There is a strong orientation towards interdisciplinarity at Lund University, not least after RQ20. This is also the case at LUSEM where collaboration and cooperation across borders are cornerstones of the school’s strategy. For this, it is important to increase and develop contact between researchers at various departments. To stimulate such contact and new research activities and to pave way for collaborations that can contribute to the renewal and development of research and related activities, the faculty announces that there are funds to support this.

The initiative corresponds to recommendations based on RQ20, but also to explicit wishes expressed by heads of departments and the Research Committee at LUSEM. We hope that there will be applications concerning interesting research from new constellations of researchers with common interests with well-defined goals. Applications should focus on one of the major societal challenges listed below.

  • Europe in a globalized world
  • Corona, other pandemics, and crises
  • Business, enterprises, and entrepreneurship

The application must be submitted via Alf Rosenbäck,, no later than 10 December for a decision no later than 22 December. The projects are intended to run during 2022 and should be reported at the beginning of December 2022. In terms of resources, up to SEK 350,000 is allocated per project for up to four projects from the faculty. Each project requires a prioritization and co-financing from the departments involved corresponding to 50% of the amount applied for from the faculty.

Principles and criteria 

  • The project must address one or more societal challenges that fall within the framework of one of the broadly defined areas above.
  • The project must also be result-oriented and have a clear common goal. This goal can be an application for a new research project to one of the research councils; a joint paper / report; planning for and launching a scientific meeting; putting together a collection of articles as a special edition; etc.
  • The main applicant and co-applicant must have a PhD and a full-time position at LUSEM - the head of department must certify this and that the applicant is available in 2022 should research time be granted.
  • There must be participants from at least three departments or research centers at LUSEM (if the center falls under a certain department, both can be included). You may only appear in one application if you are the main applicant. As a co-applicant, you can appear in a maximum of two projects.
  • Each applicant (including the main applicant) can apply for resources in terms of salary up to SEK 100,000 (including LKP and OH). You can also apply for resources up to SEK 50,000 to be used for travel and other miscellaneous costs relating to the project.

The application

The application must consist of:

  • A description of the proposed project, 1-3 pages
  • Short CV (max. 3 pages), including the last ten publications for each participant o Budget and report on planned resource use
  • Certificate that heads of department concerned support the project, co-finance it according to plan and guarantee that applicants have room for the planned research in their position should the application be granted


The most important criteria for allocating funds are:

  • Scientific basis: 1) for the project, 2) among the applicants through their qualifications o Interdisciplinary ambition and added value
  • Credibility in terms of project feasibility and implementation
  • Originality and risk-taking o Relevane to important challenges for business, economy, and society
  • Topical breadth and relevance for the LUSEM research portfolio
  • Relevance for and connection to collaborative activities with non-academic stakeholders

Reported in December 2022

The projects should be reported in December 2022. In addition to the final product, the project report will consist of a description of the insights gained, ideas for continued work and preliminary results. The report should be in English. All projects are intended to be reported and evaluated at the turn of the year. Questions should be addressed to the heads of departments involved in each application.


Alf Rosenbäck

Head of office