ASKS - Academic Skills Services


Academic Skills Services provides free and confidential learning support, in English, for all teachers and students at LUSEM.

Support for students includes

  • Lectures on academic writing and referencing
  • Writing clinics for thesis writing
  • Consultation services for students with individual or small group academic needs
  • Comprehensive online resources for academic writing, referencing, study skills, oral presentations etc. (You reach the site by signing up/enrol via the link above.)
  • Workshop series
  • Online chat
  • Tailor-made sessions for teachers and students

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Academic Skills Services offers consultations that are tailor made for individuals and small groups. The consultations offer guidance on any aspect of academic study and are particularly helpful if your students are engaged in the writing process.

Book a consultation

All consultations are made by appointment. Please ask your students to check the Teaching and Learning Platform. If you require a consultation for yourself, please contact Hanna Glad.

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Hanna Glad
Educational developer
Room EC1: 316

Garo Harwood
Educational developer
Room EC1: 317