Areas of responsibilities


Programme directors at LUSEM have a number of different areas of responsibilities regarding their programmes.

The programme director is responsible for: 

  • programme development in line with LUSEM’s strategy and strategic goals, in terms of both content and pedagogy. This includes providing basis for decisions on revision of the programme curricula.
  • securing quality assurance including conducting programme evaluation and compiling the programme evaluation summary.
  • active benchmarking and participation in LUSEM’s national and international networks for programme development.
  • assurance of learning including – on programmes in scope for the AACSB accreditation – conducting programme examinations.
  • arranging programme introduction and graduation ceremony.
  • convening a programme council (programråd) including teacher and student representatives.
  • the collaboration with all contributing departments.
  • providing a programme description and ensuring that information about the programme is correct and updated. 

In addition to above, programme directors on Master’s programmes are responsible for:

  • assessment of the specific entry requirements and credit rating of applications during the admission process.

The programme director works in collaboration with the programme coordinator and director of studies on many of the above-mentioned areas of responsibility.

Programme directors on Bachelor’s programmes are members of LUSEM’s Education council (Utbildningskollegiet – UK). 

Approved by the Associate Vice Dean

The areas of responsibilities are approved by the Associate Vice Dean.
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