Course evaluations

GUIDE FOR administrators

Lund University School of Economics and Management, LUSEM, have common routines and terms for course evaluations on first and second cycle studies.

A course evaluation is a documented compilation of students' and teachers' experiences of and views on a course. A course evaluation is normally done on an entire course, but can also be carried out on modules.

The following terms are used in the course evaluation work at LUSEM:

  • Course evaluation – the entire process
  • Course valuation (student survey) – the students' experiences and views
  • Course analysis – the course director's experiences, views and reflections
  • Course evaluation summary – the final report that is archived and published to the students

The course director is responsible for the activities within the framework of the course evaluation work for their courses. As administrator, you assist the course director with the activities that are within the course evaluation work for your courses, such as create surveys and compile replies, make a basis for course analysis, and publish and archive course evaluation summaries.

Full guide in Swedish

Below you find a short summary of the activities, where you as an administrator are involved. For more information, see the full guide in Swedish (link in the blue box on top to the right).

Short summary of activities for administrators

Student survey

Set aside time on a lecture, in consultation with teaching teachers, for students to fill in the survey. Also, make a note in the schedule for the course. This is advantageously done already in connection with the scheduling.

Send an email to the course director regarding which questions should be included in the survey in addition LUSEM’s standard questions, and between which dates the survey should be open. Set a deadline for when the course director must have submitted any changes. After the deadline, the work continues (regardless of whether the course director has answered or not).

Create the student survey in Canvas Survey.

Make an announcement in Canvas for the current course with information about the upcoming course evaluation.

The survey is sent out based on the settings made in Canvas Survey.

When the survey is closed, compilations are automatically created in Canvas Survey – one with just the quantitative answers and one with all of the answers. It is only you who created the survey, who have access to the compilations.

Course analysis

Create a basis for the course analysis in SUNET Survey based on the LUSEM survey template. Attach the compilation of the student survey (the one including all answers) in the mailing. The course analysis survey will b can be open for up to six weeks.

Course evaluation summary 

Create the course evaluation summary (kursbokslut) by combining the course analysis and the student survey's quantitative compilation.

Publish and communicate the result

The course evaluation summary is communicated as soon as possible by the administrator to the students on the course (the respondents), the subsequent student group and to LundaEkonomerna.

The students on the course (the respondents) – Publish the course evaluation summary to the student group who have completed the survey, via the course in Canvas. At the same time, let the students know that the course evaluation summary is available.

The subsequent student group – Publish the most recent course evaluation summary on the upcoming course in Canvas. 

LundaEkonomerna – Publish the course evaluation summary in LU Box for LundaEkonomerna’s education committee.


The documents regarding course evaluations are archieved as follows:

  • Preserve the course evaluation summaries in LUSEM’S e-archive.
  • Preserve compilations of surveys in SUNET Survey.
  • Retain survey results in SUNET Survey for two years.
  • Retain the course analysis in SUNET Survey for two years.

After two years, delete documents when applicable.


Rules and regulations

Your find more in-depth information and rules and regulations concering course evaluations in the following:

Guidelines for course evaluations on first and second cycle studies at LUSEM
In Swedish

General guidelines on course evaluations and course evaluation reports at Lund University
In Swedish
In English

List of Rights – Lund University Students’ Rights and Responsibilities
In Swedish
In English

The Higher Education Ordinance
In Swedish
In English

Survey questions

The LUSEM standard questions for student surveys are devided into two templates – one for regular courses and one for thesis courses.

The standard questions:
In Swedish
In English


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