department of informatics

The administration strives for high quality work and to provide students, teachers and researchers with high professional service. The administrative staff's functions and responsibilities are presented on this page.

Study administrator – Anna Holmes

  • Study administrator – Registers student's results in Ladok, administrates written examinations, etc.
  • Staffing the department's administrator's office (expedition).
  • Administrates course schedules and book venues.
  • Administrates courses in Canvas.
  • Programme coordinator for the MSc programme – Coordinates introduction, graduation, meetings and alumni, guides students on the programme and on courses at advanced level.

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Study advisor – Viktoria Svenby

  • Study advisor – Guides students at basic level education.
  • Programme coordinator for the BSc programme – Coordinates introduction, graduation, meetings and alumni, guides students on the programme.
  • Administrates course evaluations.
  • Coordinates connections to industry.
  • Administrates the department's web pages and staff pages.
  • Administrates the department's and LUSEM's study administrative routines.

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Financial officer – Mari Lundberg

  • Financial officer – Responsible for budget and balancing and take care of invoices, travel reports, project reports, etc. 
  • HR administrator – Personnel matters like salary- and vacation questions.
  • Purchasing manager – Orders for example books, office supply and so on. Note that you have to get all purchases approved by the Head of the department Nicklas Holmberg in advance.
  • Programme coordinator for the PhD programme – Registers PhD student's results in Ladok, coordinates thesis defences, administrates programme pages in Canvas, etc.
  • Board secretary – For instructions regarding proposals and meeting dates see the Department board page.

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Coordinator – Linda Öberg

  • Head of administration and part of the management team.
  • Administrative director of studies – Responsible for the department's education duty (utbildningsuppdrag), i.e. planning of study seats, admission numbers, and reserve admission. Administrates course syllabi, literature lists, etc.
  • Manages the admission to the MSc programme.
  • Manages the department's web pages, staff pages and the department team at MS Teams.
  • Education coordinator at faculty level – Administrates programme curriculumns, coordinates and represents LUSEM regarding study administrative systems (e.g. Lubas, Ubas, Ladok, NyA). Coordinates the common study administrative routines and calendar.

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Last published: 2022-09-21