The administrative group strives for high quality work and to provide students, teachers and researchers with high-quality, professional service. The administrative staff's functions and responsibilities are presented on this page.

Department administrator – Carla Böhme

  • General department service and administration.
  • Staffing the department's administrator's office (expedition).
  • Administrates the Staff Calendar and books venues for meetings.
  • Administrates course schedules in TimeEdit.

  • Administrates courses in Canvas.

  • Administrates course syllabus and literature lists.

  • HR administrator
    • Personnel matters such as salary and vacation questions.
    • Reporting of timesheets in Primula.
  • Communication – sends out invites to events, administrates the departments LinkedIn page, and writes news articles.
  • Purchases – orders books, office supplies, and so on. Note that you have to get all purchases approved by the Head of the department Nicklas Holmberg in advance.
  • Travel and hotel bookings.
  • Welcomes and supports guests.
  • Manages gifts for guest lectures, guest researchers and students.
  • Programme coordinator for the PhD programme
    • Records PhD student's results and credit transfers in Ladok.
    • Administrates PhD courses and admission.
    • Coordinates thesis defences and seminars.
    • Administrates programme pages in Canvas.
  • Board secretary – for instructions regarding proposals and meeting dates please see the Department board page.
  • Administrates the department's web pages, staff pages, social media and the entrance TV screen.
  • Registrar – record keeping and archiving.
  • Manages the coffee machine, printers, fruit basket, bicycles, friday breakfast and meeting "fikas", etc.

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Study administrator – Emilia Svefelt

  • Programme coordinator for the MSc programme
    • Coordinates introduction, graduation, alumni and career events and meetings.
    • Guides students on the programme and on courses at advanced level.
    • Administrates course elections on the programme.
    • Monitors student results.
    • Provides information about the programme.
  • Registers student's results in Ladok. 

  • Administrates written examinations in Inspera and keeps contact with the coordinated invigilator service.

  • Responsible for storing and archiving study material.

  • Administrates students and courses in Ladok.

  • Administrates authorisations in Ladok.

  • Administrates student theses in Ladok and LUP.
  • Responsible for pedagogical student support.
  • Represents the department on LUSEM's education fairs and manges the annual event for study advisors.
  • Coordinates connections to industry.

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Study advisor – Viktoria Svenby

  • Study advisor
    • Guides students at basic level education.
    • Represents the department on LUSEM's education fairs.
  • Programme coordinator for the BSc programme
    • Coordinates introductions, graduations, meetings and alumni. 
    • Guides students on the programme.
    • Monitors student results and gives support and study plans to students when needed.
    • Administrates crediting of courses.
    • Provides information about the programme.
    • Part of the programme counsil.
  • Administrates course evaluations and publishes course evaluation summaries.
  • Administrates admissions and checks applicant eligibility.
  • Education coordinator at faculty level
    • Coordinates LUSEM's study administrative routines and calendar.
    • Documents administrative procedures at LUSEM.
    • Represents LUSEM in networks regarding education and quality assurance.
    • Collects and archives quality documents at LUSEM.
    • Manages a network for administrators regarding course evaluation at LUSEM.

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Financial officer – Markus Björklund

  • Responsible for budget and balancing.
  • Taking care of invoices, travel reports, expense accounts, project reports, etc. 
  • Accounting and bookkeeping.

  • Budgeting, forecasting and financial statements.

  • Accounting and managing research funds for projects.

  • Investigation account and accruals.

  • Intrastat accounting.

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Head of administration – Linda Öberg

  • Head of administration
    • Manages the administrative activities and is responsible for the quality, efficiency, legal certainty and development of the administrative processes. 
    • Responsible for the administrative staff, planning and distributing the work. 
  • Drives management issues within the department, particularly in the areas of education, regulations and governance.
  • Acts as management support for the head of department and the department board.
  • Convenes and part of the management team and the work environment group.
  • Administrative director of studies
    • Responsible for the department's educational duty ("utbildningsuppdrag"), i.e. planning of study seats, admission numbers, and admission from waiting lists.
    • Administrates courses in Lubas.
  • Manages the admission to the MSc programme.
  • Manages the department team at MS Teams.
  • Education coordinator at LUSEM's dean's office
    • Administrates programme curriculumns and manages the process for revision of programmes.
    • Administrates scholarships.
    • Coordinates and represents LUSEM regarding study administrative systems (e.g. Lubas, Ubas, Ladok, NyA). 

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