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Employees are offered a variety of support throughout the stay at the university.  More information is available at LU Staff Pages ​​​​​​ and LUSEM Staff Pages


Lucat is the Lund University online staff directory, containing basic information about you as an employee, including title, telephone number, location, personal website, etc. The information in LUCAT is used in all areas and by a number of systems, for example the faculty and staff list. It is therefore important that the information in LUCAT is accurate and current. Log in to LUCAT

When you log into Lucat with your user name (Lucat ID), you will see your personal overview page. This page contains your personal details and position, which have been automatically transferred from Primula if you are an employee of Lund University. This information cannot be changed in Lucat.

You can add a description of your organisational role or describe your duties and responsibilities. You can also add or change your visiting address, phone number and visiting hours, if relevant. You can also add your personal website here, and it will then be shown on the contact page.