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Research Ethics


An important part of upholding the quality of research is to follow the ethical considerations and guidelines so that your output could be disseminated outside academia in a responsible way. It is therefore important to discuss ethical considerations during your whole research process independent on whether you are a phd candidate, junior researcher or a senior one.

These issues are discussed on a daily basis among colleagues during seminars or brought up during internal conferences and workshops, but don’t hesitate to contact the Head of the Department or the Director of Doctoral Studies if you would like to find someone to discuss a particular issue or if you have a general question regarding research ethics or good practice.

Phd candidates’ main sounding board when it comes to good research practice and research ethics consists of her/his supervisors, who also bring up the ethical perspectives of the thesis in the college of supervisors to seek advice in these matters. All phd candidates should also take a compulsory ethical course.

You should also ask yourself if you need to seek an ethical approval as soon as you do research that involves individuals or the processing of personal data.

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Please take a look at the following short booklets to familiarize yourself with the subject.

Good Research Practice (from the Swedish Research Council) 

God forskningssed (från Vetenskapsrådet)

Etikvägledning (skrift från HT fakulteterna vid LU)