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Apply for research funding


When applying for funding for research projects, there are some things to consider when it comes to estimating project costs. The type of estimation differs depending on whether the project is intended to run over one or several years.


A budget proposal in an application for funding/grants should generally include the following:

•Salary costs including an increase for each year.

•Cost of employer contributions, see percentages below, of the salary cost.

•Operational costs (travel, conferences, literature, material, etc.)

•Indirect costs/overhead (OH), see percentages below.

The OH is to be calculated based on all direct costs (salaries + employer contributions + operations).Calculate the total amount and then multiply the amount with the OH percentage below to obtain the amount of indirectcosts/overhead (OH).

Calculation support for the project application

To make sure that your project budget takes salary increases, holiday pay etc. into account use the department’s project calculation support form.


Approval and the right to sign grant agreements

The head of department is responsible for the activities of the department and must therefore always approve all agreements and applications that explicitly concern the activities of the department, regardless of whether he/she is the person with the power to sign on behalf of the University or not (see below).

Head of department must approve all applications regardless the size of amount. He also signs all grant agreements of less than SEK 8 million. The dean of faculty signs all grant agreements that cover multiple departments within the faculty.The vice-chancellor signs allgrantagreements that cover multiple departments at more than one faculty and grant agreements of SEK 8 million and above.