Functions and assignments

Staff representives hold numerous functions and assignments at the department and at Lusem

Head of the department: Mats Olsson

Deputy head of the department: Ellen Hillbom

Director of PhD Studies: Ellen Hillbom

Director of Studies: Tobias Axelsson

Administrative Manager: Anneli Nilsson Ahlm

Health and safety representative:
Malin Nilsson, ordinary
Martin Andersson, substitute
Anders Larsson, substitute

Biblioteksansvarig: Tobias Karlsson

The Appointments Board at LUSEM:
Kerstin Enflo
Johanne Arnfred (PhD)

Data... LUSEM: Jonas Helgertz

Education Council, 2023 at LUSEM
Tobias Axelsson

Faculty Board at LUSEM
Erik Green

Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity council at LUSEM
Anna Tegunimataka, chair

Local Health and Safety Committee at LUSEM
Anneli Nilsson Ahlm

Research Committee 2023 at LUSEM
Martin Dribe
Jonas Helgerz

Research Education council at LUSEM
Johanne Arnfred (PhD)
Louise Cormack (PhD)
Ellen Hillbom