Department board

The board of the Department of Economic History is responsible for outlining the guiding principles of the department, for seeing to that these guidelines are followed and for deciding on any other questions delegated to it.

The board usually meet once a month, September to June. 


Mats Olsson, Head of Department, chairman
Martin Andersson, teacher 
Faustine Perrin, teacher  
Anna Tegunimataka, teacher
Jaco Zuijderduijn, teacher
Madeleine Jarl, TA staff
Vinicius de Souza Maia, PhD student
Alba Fogelmarck, student


Ingrid van Dijk, teacher
Håkan Lobell, teacher
Malin Nilsson, teacher
Anders Larsson, TA staff
Fátima de Arriba Moreno, PhD student


Adjunct board members

Tobias Axelsson, director of studies
Ellen Hillbom, director of studies
Anneli Nilsson Ahlm, secretary

The term for the board is three years, July 2022 to June 2025. 


Mats Olsson
Head of department, professor
Phone: +46 46 222 31 18, +46 72 524 01 79
Room: Alfa1:2070

Mats Olsson