Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Two-year Master's degree

Official degree certificates are issued by the Degree Office at Lund University

A two-year Master's degree can be issued with a major in Economics.

Degree of Master of Science (120 credits) - Major in Economics
(alt. Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics)

In order to qualify for a two-year Master's degree in Economics, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

- 120 credits at the advanced level, of which at least 105 credits must refer to advanced courses in Economics. The remaining 15 credits can be from other subjects (must be approved in advance by the Department of Economics).

The following courses must be included in the degree:

  • NEKN21 Advanced Microeconomic Analysis
  • NEKN31 Advanced Econometrics
  • NEKN41 Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis
  • NEKN01 Master Essay, first year
  • NEKP01 Master Essay, second year