Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Degree requirements

Official degree certificates are issued by the Degree Office at Lund University

At the Department of Economics you can study for either a one-year Master's degree or for two-year Master's degree. Please note that the degree requirements differ between the two degrees.

Please note. The master's programme in Economics is a two-year programme and leads to a two-year degree. A student that only wants to study for a one-year degree in Economics must apply for free-standing courses since a one-year degree cannot be issued after having completed only the first year within the programme (with one exeption, see "One-year degree").    

There is no offical "Graduation Day" on which students receive their degree diplomas, and a degree diploma is not automatically presented to you upon completion of your studies. An official degree diploma from Lund University is issued, after submission of an application, by the Degree Office at Lund University. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to receive the degree diploma. Please note that the degree requirements must be strictly fulfilled before a diploma is issued.

There is a Diploma Ceremony at the end of each spring term where students can get an unofficial diploma to commemorate their studies. Please note, however, that this diploma is not a record of examination.

A Grade Point Average, or similar, is not reported in your degree certificate.

Important things to check before you apply for your degree

  • Only courses that are fully completed can be included in your degree.
  • If you apply for a Master's degree and your Bachelor's degree has not been shown and accepted during the admission process, then the Degree Office needs to see the original to confirm the requirements for your Master's degree.
  • Your certificate will be sent to the address you write on your application.