Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Graduate Courses

The programme consists of a total of 90 credits of coursework, that equips students with analytical and empirical skills and a broad understanding of modern economics.

Core PhD courses

The programme consists of a set of compulsory courses listed below (S = Spring term and A = Autumn term). Unless otherwise specified, the courses are 7.5 ECTS credits. All courses are given in English.

(A) Mathematical Methods - Advanced Course

(A) Mathematical Methods - Dynamic Optimisation

(A) Microeconomics - Theory for Individual Choice

(S) Microeconomics - Strategic Interaction (even years)

(A) Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis

(S) Economic Growth, Advanced Course (even years)

(S) Econometric Theory (15 credits, odd years)

(S) PhD Course in Applied Empirical Research Methods (odd years)

(A+S) Research Ethics course (3 credits, usually given twice per semester)

Many of the courses are also open to students of the Master’s programme. Still, the demands for the PhD students are set higher, and a supplementary research-oriented assignment is typically required. Students that have taken any of the core courses (or equivalent) before joining the PhD programme may be able to transfer the credits to the PhD programme after the completion of supplementary assignments.

Elective courses

The remaining course credits can be chosen from the department’s regular course programme, taken at other departments, or specially designed as reading courses. Other PhD courses (as lectures or seminars) are also given but vary from year to year. It is common for students to take courses at other universities and attend summer schools focusing on specific topics. The department provides funding to cover expenses related to such coursework.