Department of Economics

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Job Market Candidates 

Job Market Candidates 2021

Danial Ali Akbari


Research fields: macroeconomics, labor economics, inequality, growth theory, sustainability, computational economics

JMP: Affording Superstardom: Explaining Skill Premia’s Convexity in Education


References: Joakim Westerlund Lund University, Emiliano Santoro University of Copenhagen, Thomas Fischer Lund University


Matthew Collins


Research fields: applied microeconomics, labour economics, development economics

JMP: Sibling Gender, Inheritance Norms and Educational Attainment: Evidence from Matrilineal and Patrilineal Societies


References: Therese Nilsson Lund University, Jan Bietenbeck Lund University, Kaveh Majlesi Monash University, Lund University


Marco Islam


Research fields: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

JMP: Motivated Risk Assessments


References: Erik Wengström, Lund University, Petra Thiemann, Lund University,  Enrico Diecidue, INSEAD



Nagihan Simeth


Research fields: Financial Intermediation, Empirical Banking, and Corporate Finance

JMP: Banks, Non-Banks, and the Incorporation of Local Information in CMBS Loan Pricing


References: Steven Ongena, University of Zurich, Jaap Bos, Maastricht University, Thomas Fischer, Lund University


Ovidijus Stauskas


Research fields: econometric theory, panel data, factor models, time series, forecasting

JMP: Tests of Equal Forecasting Accuracy for Nested Models with Estimated CCE Factors


References: Joakim Westerlund, Lund University, Simon Reese, Lund University,   Lorenzo Trapani University of Nottingham,