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PhD studies

at the department of economics


The Department of Economics has a PhD programme that provides students with advanced training in economic theory and analytical methods. Students learn how to perform theoretical and empirical research at the highest level through coursework, seminar participation, and supervised research.

As a PhD student, you will join a vibrant and dynamic research community.

Each year, around 6 to 9 students are admitted to the programme. The student body of the programme is highly international. The closing date for admissions is normally at the end of January each year, and the programme starts at the end of August. All students are fully funded and provided with a salary from the start of the programme. The programme consists of four years of full-time studies, but as most students teach up to 20 % of their time, the programme is, in effect, closer to 5 years.

Graduates of the programme hold positions at universities, governments, NGOs, banks, research institutions, and private businesses.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to admit any PhD students in 2024.

We are committed to resuming PhD admissions in 2025. More information and the official announcement for the 2025 admissions will be provided in December 2024.



Erik Wengström
Professor, Director PhD Programme
Phone: +46 46 222 01 23
Room: Alfa1:4024

Ulf Persson
Programme coordinator
Phone: +46 46 222 42 90, +46 72 147 27 08
Room: EC1: 283