Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Bachelor's studies

Basic and Intermediate studies in Economics

The Department of Economics does not offer an English taught Bachelor's programme in Economics, but we have many Intermediate level courses where English is the means of instruction and students are welcome to apply for such free-standing courses or they can study at our Department via a student exchange programme.

The Department of Economics offers courses at all educational levels. From courses at the basic level (general course), to courses at the intermediate level and courses at the advanced level. The research at the Department is extensive and covers many areas, which is reflected in a broad selection of courses.

At the intermediate level we offer courses of a general nature and also courses in specific subjects within Economics - in predominantly international economics and within the area of public economics. This gives the student the possibility to combine courses based on her/his own area of interest. Each single course is a separate course module and the student can thus, to a large extent, compose her own education. The language of instruction is either Swedish or English.

A Bachelor's degree with a major in Economics must include 180 credits of which a minimum of 90 credits must be courses in Economics, including a Bachelor Essay.