Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Who to ask about what?

And who can best answer a specific question?

If you have questions about course registrations, result registrations, exams, essays or similar you should contact relevant study administrator below. For questions about courses, course structure, your studies and similar you should contact the Department's study adviser. For specific questions regarding ongoing courses you should contact the relevant lecturer.  

Our study administrators are, when not in the EC office, also available through their zoom room: 

Study Administrator, Azra Padjan
Room: EC1:287
Phone: 046-222 8663, Zoom

For basic and intermediate studies: 

• Admission
• Course registration
• Results


Study Administrator, Peter Schüller
E-mail: Peter.Schü
Room: EC1:286
Phone: 046-222 3608, Zoom

* Essays
* Distance learning courses

Study Administrator, Programme Coordinator* Ulf Persson
Room: EC1:283
Phone: 046-222 4290, Zoom

* Coordinator for the Department's masters programme

For master courses: 

• Admission
• Course registration
• Results

• Exams

Study Adviser, PhD Mårten Wallette
Room: EC1:289
Phone: 046-222 8675

Academic Advisor

Assistant study director, PhD Karin Bergman
Office: EC1:269
Phone: +46 46 222 4974

Director of Studies, PhD Pontus Hansson
Room: EC1:288
Phone: 046-222 7914

• Overall responsible for the education, courses, teachers et cetera