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2023-03-28 Education

Data support for students

LUSEM Data Science Network

2023-03-17 Research

Inauguration of new professors

Therese Nilsson and Eva Ranehill are being inaugurated today together with 24 other profes...

2023-03-02 Research

Thesis defence coming up: Jonas Lundstedt

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Jonas Lundstedt will defend his thesi...

2023-01-11 Research

In the spotlight

A recent study by Therese Nilsson shows that school absence reduces education and labor ma...

2022-11-29 Education

The teacher of the year 2022

Congratulations Simon Reese!

2022-11-28 Career

Meet our Job Market Candidates

Demid Getik and Adrian Mehic are on the Job Market this year

2022-11-09 Research

Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Josefin Kilmark

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Josefin Kilmark will defend her thesis...

2022-11-01 Research

Does monetary policy affect the distribution of wealth?

This is a question that is frequently asked by researchers and policymakers.

2022-10-21 Research

In the spotlight

Online education led to lower grades for attractive females, but not for attractive males

2022-10-10 Research

The Prize in Economic Sciences 2022

Their discoveries improved how society deals with financial crises

2022-09-14 Research

In the spotlight

The gender of your classroom peers can have lasting earnings effects by Demid Getik

2022-08-29 Research

Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Demid Getik

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Demid Getik will defend his thesis 15 ...

2022-08-26 Research

Pontus Roos stipend: Ana Rodriguez-Gonzalez

Congratulations to Ana Rodriguez-Gonzalez , who was awarded the Pontus Roos scholarship!

2022-07-11 Research

KWC/SNEE Conference on Sustainable Finance

29-30 September, 2022 in Lund

2022-06-14 Research

Growing inequality in China is shaped by the housing markets

The Chinese economy as a whole has grown massively in the last 40 years, but it did not be...