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Mentorship programme

The mentorship programme is conducted in English during one academic year.

Do you want to contribute to entrepreneurial success?

The Master’s students in Entrepreneurship are to establish contact with an experienced mentor from the local industry to gain access to valuable knowledge and experiences from the business development process.

Are you our next entrepreneurial mentor?

We are continuously searching for dedicated mentors with an interest in sharing their experiences and providing realistic insight into entrepreneurial life. Are you one of them?
As the first part of the programme will be taught online our mentor programme will also be run digitally, this means if you would like to become a mentor, you don’t need to be in Sweden. Below are three of our current and much appreciated mentors: Janine, Tim and Camilla.
Three of our current mentors: Janine, Tim and Camilla.

As a mentor you will benefit by:

  • establishing connections with highly qualified students from all over the world
  • gaining insight into an exciting business project with growth potential
  • getting access to a highly interesting innovation network of other dedicated mentors and stakeholders within the field of entrepreneurship 
  • getting free access to cutting-edge entrepreneurship seminars and inspiring entrepreneurial events organised by Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • being able to use your participation in the mentorship programme in your own marketing

Our affiliated mentors are expected to:

  • have considerable experience and a keen interest in the field of entrepreneurship and business development
  • show interest and engagement in the student’s business development process and personal development
  • be available for at least one meeting per month with the student
  • participate in course activities to provide valuable feedback on business projects


Are you interested in participating?

Please contact Lottie Olsson Norrsén to become a mentor, or to discuss any other questions concerning the mentorship programme.

Mentorship programme

Listen to our students' and mentors' experiences from the mentorship programme.

More information about the mentorship programme can be found in our Mentorship programme brochure.

Mentorship programme - Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship


To get more information regarding the structure of the programme and your participation, please contact Lottie Olsson Norrsén. 

Lottie Olsson Norrsén
Director of External Relations
+ 46 (0)46-222 68 21
+ 46 (0)70-424 83 21