Study places and study environments

Computer rooms

  • Alfa 1 building, basement

Group rooms

Open environment

  • Alfa 1 building, basement and floor 1
  • EC1 building, ljusgården (the Atrium)
  • EC2 building, basement
  • EC2 building, ljusgården (the Atrium)
  • EC3 building, floor 1, Café Holger
  • The library
  • LUSEM Learning Hub

Quiet reading places

  • The library
  • Alfa 1 building, basement

External facilities

Sometimes we teach or do exams in other buildings of Lund University than our own here at LUSEM.

Below you'll find a list of the most common external classrooms and exam rooms as well as their visiting addresses.

Classrooms (external)

Genaula: Genetikhuset’s auditorium, Sölvegatan 29.

Kåraula: Kårhuset’s auditorium, John Ericssons väg 3.

Kårgasque: Kårhuset’s gasque room, John Ericssons väg 3.

Kårhör: Kårhuset, auditorium, John Ericssons väg 3.

MA: Matematicum’s annex ('Matteannexet'), auditorium, Sölvegatan 20.

MHA: Mattehuset, auditorium A, Sölvegatan 18.

MHB: Mattehuset, auditorium B, Sölvegatan 18.

Paln and Palö: Palaestra auditorium lower and upper, Universitetsplatsen, Paradisgatan 4.

Exam rooms (external)

Eden: Paradisgatan 5 (the building behind “Gamla kirurgen”).

Gasque: Kårhuset’s gasque room, John Ericssons väg 3, basement floor.

MA: Matematicum’s annex ('Matteannexet'), Sölvegatan 18-20, first floor.

MHA/MHB: Matematicum, auditorium A or B, Sölvegatan 18.

Sparta: Sparta, Tunavägen 39.

LU access card

Students at Lund University receive a personal access card, known as the LU card. The LU card serves as an ID card within Lund University and you also use it to access the buildings relevant to your studies and borrow books at all university libraries. The card is free and getting one is quick and easy.

Read more about the LU access card