Academic calendar

The academic year at Lund University is divided into two semesters each lasting 20 weeks. Examination periods are included in the semester periods.

Semester dates at Lund University:

  • Spring semester 2021: Monday 18 January 2021 – Sunday 6 June 2021
  • Autumn semester 2021: Monday 30 August 2021 – Sunday 16 January 2022
  • Spring semester 2022: Monday 17 January 2022 – Sunday 5 June 2022

All Master’s programmes at the School of Economics and Management start the Wednesday prior to the regular autumn semester, for newly admitted students.

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What about holidays?

There is no official break in the academic calendar for Christmas or Easter, however in practice there is usually a break over Christmas and New Year's Eve as well as over the Easter period, including the public holiday days.

Please check with the programme coordinator to confirm when classes and assignments pause, before making any major plans or travel arrangements.

Swedish Public Holidays 

Spring 2021

  • New Year's Day (Nyårsdagen): 1 January
  • Epiphany (Trettondedag): 6 January
  • Good Friday (Långfredagen): 2 April
  • Easter Sunday (Påskdagen): 4 April
  • Easter Monday (Annandag påsk): 5 April
  • Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmässoafton): 30 April – note that this is an evening celebration and does not necessarily mean a whole day of holiday, please check with your department.
  • Labour Day (Första maj): 1 May 
  • Ascension Day (Kristi himmelsfärds dag): 13 May
  • Whit Sunday (Pingstdagen): 23 May
  • Sweden's National Day (Nationaldagen): 6 June
  • Midsummer Eve (Midsommarafton): 25 June
  • Midsummer Day (Midsommardagen): 26 June

Autumn 2021

  • All Saints' Day (Alla Helgons Dag): 6 November
  • Christmas Eve (Julafton): 24 December
  • Christmas Day (Juldagen): 25 December
  • Boxing Day (Annandagen): 26 December
  • New Year's Eve (Nyårsafton): 31 December
Last published: 2021-04-28