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Career Services serve students at the School of Economics and Management who are interested in learning about working life, discussing career alternatives, finding interesting jobs and internships, or other career related matters.

Pernilla Thellmark and Stina Vikingson at LUSEM Career Services. Photo: Oleksandra Panasenko

As you enter working life, we help and support you by providing tips and advice on how you can adapt your training and how to build networks for future jobs. In addition, we have access to job listings where you can find information about available positions.

LUSEM Internships

LUSEM Career Services co-operates with our partner companies to provide a selection of qualified and pre-approved internships each year, both in Sweden and abroad.

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Curious about start-ups?

Together with the LundaEkonomerna student union, we are teaming up with different start-up hubs to collaborate. If you would like to benefit from our students input and knowledge, you can post a part-time job targeting our students. At the same time, the students gain valuable work experience. A win-win situation. Students find more information about start-ups in Canvas. 

Part-time jobs in startups – Canvas 

Career portals


Sign up in the Lund University job portal, CareerHub.

CareerHub gives access to jobs, internships, graduate programmes and projects across Europe, as well as locally. You can follow your favourite employers and stay updated via status updates and notifications about relevant vacancies.

Create your personal profile today and join Europe's largest career network for students and graduates.

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Check out HigherEd – a global talent network developed by EFMD. Here you can find international job and internship positions, and practice assessment tests that are used in recruitments.

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Connect with alumni

Our alumni ambassadors are former students who are happy to share insights and stories from their career, as well as their transition from student life to work life.

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The labour market

It is important to have some knowledge about the labour market before starting to look for jobs. What are the salaries, expectations, opportunities and predicted future prospects of the positions you are applying for? When you know the labour market, you are prepared and ready for anything. We don’t have all the answers but we can offer some tips along the way.

How do I prepare best for the labour market?

Make sure to keep an eye on the labour market during your education. The easiest way is to simply read job ads. This will give you an idea of what different positions entail and what is in required both in terms of training and experience, but also personal qualities. Think about what kind of work tasks you find stimulating and challenging.

Obtain work experience:
Remember that all your work experience, extracurricular activities and commissions of trust and non-profit mission will give you valuable experience - even if it is not in the precise area you are studying. The important thing is that you can explain to an employer what you learned from your various commitments and how this is of use to your potential employer.

Expand your network:
Many jobs are mediated through contacts, and the larger your network is, the better. Investigate what kind of organisations and associations you can become involved in. Use social media in your job search, e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Remember that how you project yourself in your social network impacts how you will be perceived in your professional network.

The Swedish Labour Market

The Swedish labour market is known for combining business innovation, generous employment benefits and long-term job security.

Business culture

The Swedish workplace can best be described as informal; casual dress code, flexible work hours and open communication. In general, it is considered important to have a healthy balance between your work and your private life.

Swedish workers rely on teamwork and individual responsibility in the workplace. In Swedish culture, it’s also very important to be humble, respectful and always be on time. A specific example of this is the Swedish coffee break, called “fika” in Swedish. This is when employees and their managers meet and talk informally about their work and private lives. It gives colleagues the opportunity to discuss ideas freely and openly resolve conflicts.

Swedish trade unions

Swedish workers have some of the highest benefits in the world when it comes to vacation, health care, employer-paid education and training, and employment protection. The reason for this is the cooperation between trade unions and employers. Trade unions have influenced the Swedish labour market for over a century and nearly 70% of Swedish workers are members of a trade union.

Salary and standard of living

The Swedish welfare system can be described as providing lifetime benefits for all citizens. Salaries are comparable with other industrialized countries.


Career Services in Canvas

Don’t miss to enrol in LUSEM Career Services in Canvas. Here you will find written guidance and announcements so you’ll never miss out of information. Get prepped for success!

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You can book an appointment with us for career guidance, receive interview training, or simply talk about working life. We also give feedback on the design and content of your resume and cover letter, as well as your LinkedIn profile. In addition, we hold seminars on career related topics and assist you in networking with our alumni.

Pernilla Thellmark
Phone: +46 46 222 78 09

Stina Vikingson
Phone: +46 46 222 78 09

Visiting address:
Holger Crafoord Centre, EC1:133
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Meet us:

You can meet us in EC1:133 every Wednesday from 12:00-14:00.

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