Quality of education

We are continuously working to ensure and develop the quality of our study programmes and courses. Our work with student influence, the study environment and the implementation of course evaluations are some important elements in this process.

Student influence

LUSEM collaborates closely with the Lundaekonomerna student union when working on quality assurance and quality development. Lundaekonomerna represents the students at bachelor’s and master’s level, and constitute an important resource through their involvement in different committees and councils within the School. We also work systematically for student influence by ensuring that the students take part in evaluation and development of our activities.

Our PhD students are represented by the Lund University Doctoral Students’ Union through the Economics and Management Doctoral Student Council (EDR).

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Complaints about your education

Do you have a complaint about your undergraduate or graduate education at the School of Economics and Management?

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Course evaluation and scorecards

Course evaluations and scorecards are key elements in the development of LUSEM’s courses. After each course, students have the opportunity to complete an anonymous course evaluation. In this evaluation, students can put forward their views on the course as well as their suggestions for improvement.

The course director then submit a scorecard containing an evaluation of the course or programme. The evaluation summarises the outcome of the students’ course evaluations, and the teachers reflections on the implementation of the course. The evaluation is to focus on the quality enhancement of the course or programme, and to clarify the most important changes that the course directors need to implement before the next instance.

The work with course evaluations and scorecards is part of the School’s quality assurance and quality development system implemented in our accreditation process.

Teaching and learning in higher education

LUSEM collaborates with the Division for Higher Education Development at Lund University (AHU) in our work to support teaching activities, learning and development for our teaching staff. The overall aim is to continuously raise the quality of our courses and programmes, through skilled professional teaching staff.


In LUSEM’s quality and development work, we focus a lot on accreditation, which is basically about ensuring the quality of our education, our research and how we interact with the surrounding society. The whole process calls for continuous development and internationalisation of our activities and helps us to maintain a strategic focus and to continue to develop in line with the demands and changes of the world around us.

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Quality assurance in research education

Our doctoral programmes are regularly evaluated to maintain their quality.

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Bachelor’s and master’s level

Ulrika Wennersten
Vice Dean Education, Associate Professor

+46 46 222 86 92 

PhD studies

Håkan Jerker Holm
Vice Dean Research Education, Professor

+46 70 221 69 26