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Incoming Master’s programme students autumn 2021

A warm welcome to Lund University and the School of Economics and Management! These pages are a collection of information that will be useful for you when you are preparing for your Master’s studies.

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To our incoming students,

You have been selected as one of the admitted students, among a large group of highly qualified applicants, to one of our Master’s programmes. We would like to remind you of the next steps you need to take in order for a successful start to your studies. Further practical information will be provided upon your arrival.

Your contact person before, during and after your studies is your programme coordinator. You may also connect with a current student from your programme.

Important information about the autumn semester

Measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus/covid-19.

Latest update: 9 June 2021

The School of Economics and Management has a large number of students at the undergraduate and advanced level.  We must take special care to ensure a safe start of the autumn semester for both students and employees.

The autumn semester 2021 will begin online. A gradual transition to campus-based teaching will take place during the autumn semester. How quickly we can return to campus-based teaching and what this gradual transition will look like, is based on current recommendations from the responsible authorities.

For the start of the autumn semester, the following applies:

  • We recommend all students admitted to the School of Economics and Management to be in Lund at the start of the semester. This allows us to facilitate a gradual transition to campus-based teaching and learning as restrictions are lifted and society reopens.
  • Our premises are accessible to staff and students with the LU-card.
  • Study places and computer rooms are accessible to students at Lund University with certain adjustments depending on the current situation.
  • The LUSEM Library is open with limited hours for students and staff to allow deposits or lending of books and access to reference literature.
  • Teaching will initially be conducted via live lectures, live seminars and pre-recorded material. Much of the teaching requires active digital participation, which means, among other things, that students must participate digitally with microphones and cameras.
  • Each student has to ensure access to stable and good computer-based internet connection. This is mandatory since teaching will be carried out by streamed videos, online live broadcasting, seminar participation etc. It is crucial to have a stable and fully functioning computer-based internet connection.
  • Online teaching requires access to fully functioning microphones and fully functioning cameras. LUSEM’s online teaching model is based on interaction, and students will not be able to receive a passing grade unless participating with audio and camera on. Students are not allowed to rename themselves during online sessions.
  • The School of Economics and Management uses the learning platform Canvas. For live activities, Zoom will be used in most cases. Students must be able to ensure access to Canvas and to Zoom.
  • While we start online, there still may be individual course elements or examinations on site at our premises.

We are continuously updating our website with information on how corona/covid-19 and current restrictions affect the upcoming autumn semester at the School of Economics and Management.

Read more at:

LUSEM key dates and activites

This is a short, general overview of upcoming deadlines and activites. Always refer to the latest information from your programme coordinator, Lund University’s international marketing team and the Before you arrive pages on Lund University’s international website.

April/early May

Webinar: Meet your programme director

Detailed information about date and time will be sent out by your programme coordinator.

We are inviting you to meet your programme director via Zoom. The programme director/s will give you a personal introduction to your programme. You will also be introduced to the programme coordinator, who will be your main contact person before, during and after your studies. The programme director and programme coordinator  are online to answer questions you may have. Write your questions in the chat during the meeting. This is your first meeting with your fellow students, so we encourage you to turn your camera on.

30 April

Last day to accept your Lund University admission offer

In order to keep your place on the programme you have to accept your Lund University admission offer by the 30 April deadline.

Read more on on how to secure your study place

30 April (optional)

Application closes for "Change Maker Future Track"

Change Maker Future Track is for talented students (from selected programmes) with a strong interest in sustainability issues and an entrepreneurial mindset. The Change Maker Future Track will be conducted online between 1 August 2021–15 March 2022, and will run in parallel with your Master’s programme.

Learn more about Change Maker Future Track


See your schedule in TimeEdit

The schedules will be available approximately one month before the courses start. You may always check your preliminary schedule before that.

Your schedule in TimeEdit

8 August

Last day to complete the Enrolment Form

Your programme coordinator will ask you to complete an Enrolment Form in June. The purpose of the Enrolment Form is:

  • to have contact details for a person in case of an emergency while you are studying here at Lund University.
  • to collect statistics about the class profile; percentage of males/females, age range and nationalities. This class profile is shown on the overview of each programme presentation.

Late August: Mandatory web registration

Most departments will ask you to register for your course (and programme) in the Lund University student portal. 

Mandatory registration

More information and instructions about the web registration will be provided in the beginning of August by the programme coordinator.

20 August

LUSEM Mingle (online)

You will be introduced to resources available specifically for you as a student at Lund University School of Economics and Management. Listen in and learn more about:

  • LUSEM Career Services
  • LUSEM Library
  • Academic Skills Services (ASKS)
  • The alumni network
  • Lundaekonomerna student union
  • Lund University Finance Society (LINC)

During the event you will be able to ask questions through the chat.

Learn more about LUSEM Mingle

25 August

Official Welcome Meeting and Programme Start

The official start of the autumn semester at LUSEM is 25 August. There will be no mandatory assignments before this date. Detailed information about date and time will be sent out by your programme coordinator.

Course literature
University programmes and courses often have long reading lists. These lists include information about the books you need to buy and will be readily available to you at the start of the course/programme. In most cases, your programme coordinator will send out the literature list by email in May/June. The literature list will also be published on your course page in the learning platform Canvas. 

Read more about course literature

General information from Lund University

Read the pre-arrival guide thoroughly

All students admitted to Lund University are sent a pre-arrival guide before the start of the semester. These guides provide detailed information to help you prepare for your stay in Lund and the answers to most of the questions we receive from students.

Read more about key preparations at

Arrival and orientation

Most international students arrive in Lund on Arrival Day, about two weeks before the start of the semester. Another reason to come to Lund on Arrival Day is that you will be able to participate in the Orientation Weeks from the start.

Arrival and orientation

Virtual events for admitted students

Lund University is hosting virtual events and webinars about next steps for admitted students, applying for a residence permit, housing and student life – and several region- and country specific events.

See full schedule of virtual events

Student at LUSEM – practical information for current students 

New at LUSEM? We have collected useful information for current students on our website. This includes: 

  • Course registration
  • Schedule
  • Your educational platform – Canvas
  • Course literature
  • Wifi and internet
  • Copy and print
  • Our campus
  • Academic writing and study skills
  • Support and planning
  • Rules and regulations
  • Student engagement

Read more

A warm welcome to Lund University and the School of Economics and Management!

Contact us

Your programme coordinator is your contact person during your Master’s studies. This person will inform you about your programme-specific information. You are most welcome to contact the coordinator if you have any questions about the programme.

Contact the programme coordinators

Connect with current students

Want to know more about your programme, student life, or get insights from someone who have made the same journey as you? Our student ambassadors from all over the world are here to help. They are happy to share their experiences and answer any questions you have about life in Lund. Simply click on an ambassador profile to start a conversation.

Connect with a current student

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