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A warm welcome to Lund University and the School of Economics and Management! These pages are a collection of information that will be useful for you when you are preparing for your Bachelor’s studies.

You have been selected as one of the admitted students, among a large group of highly qualified applicants, to the BSc in International Business 2021–2024. We would like to remind you of the next steps you need to take in order for a successful start to your studies. Further practical information will be provided upon your arrival.

Your contact person before, during and after your studies is your programme coordinator.

Regarding Covid-19 and the autumn semester of 2021

If you are a newly admitted degree student, you probably have questions about how the coronavirus pandemic will affect you and your future studies. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Lund University has carefully followed the decisions and recommendations from the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency.

We hope and make plans for that the autumn semester 2021 will be conducted as regular campus-based teaching, including classroom-based teaching. All activities at Lund University, with very few exceptions, has been conducted digitally since March 2020. We all want to return to campus as soon as possible, but at present we know very little about what the rest of the year will look like.

There are two possible scenarios for the autumn semester. The first scenario is a situation with no restrictions where we can return to on-campus teaching, and the second scenario includes continued restrictions and online teaching. At LUSEM we are planning for on-campus activities for the autumn semester, but we are also preparing for a scenario where the welcome meeting and initial courses may be conducted online. Therefore, we urge all students to arrange for studies in Sweden, including residence permit (if applicable), funding and housing.

As we come closer to the autumn semester, we will inform you about which route we have to take. The Lund University Coronavirus FAQ will also be updated regularly throughout spring and summer 2021.

Update 7 May 2021

Although we are likely to start our semester online, we expect to be back on campus during the autumn semester. We therefore strongly recommend that you are in Lund by the start of the autumn semester, as we can not guarantee that you can continue your studies online when we go back to campus.

Key dates and deadlines

This is a short, general overview of upcoming deadlines and activites. Always refer to the latest information from your programme coordinator, Lund University’s international marketing team and the Before you arrive pages on Lund University’s international website.

30 April

Last day to accept your Lund University admission offer

In order to keep your place on the programme you have to accept your Lund University admission offer by the 30 April deadline.

Read more on on how to secure your study place

11 May

Webinar 15:00–16:00: Meet your programme director

Link to the webinar will be distributed via email by the programme coordinator.

We are inviting you to meet your programme director via Zoom. The programme director will give you a personal introduction to your programme. You will also be introduced to the programme coordinator, who will be your main contact person before, during and after your studies. The programme director and programme coordinator  are online to answer questions you may have. Write your questions in the chat during the meeting. This is your first meeting with your fellow students, so we encourage you to turn your camera on.

20 May – Last day to sign-up for Swedish course and/or IB Mentor Programme

Would you like to sign-up for an introduction course in Swedish, or join a mentor group? Sign-up by 20 May!

About the introduction course in Swedish
During the first Arrival week, you will have the opportunity to take an introduction course in Swedish. The course is offered for free to all programme students who wish to get some basic skills in Swedish. You will not receive any credits for the course and there is no exam. More information about the course will be sent out to the participants in June.

About the IB Mentor Programme
You have the opportunity to join a mentor group that will consist of new programme students and older students from the programme. Mentees will be assigned to a mentor group at the end of May and will have contact with their mentors during the first semester. Your mentors will be able to answer general questions about the programme and what it is like to be a student in Lund.

Link to the sign-up form


See your schedule in TimeEdit

The schedules will be available approximately one month before the courses start. You may always check your preliminary schedule before that.

Your schedule in TimeEdit

10 August

Last day to complete the Enrolment Form

Your programme coordinator will ask you to complete an Enrolment Form in June. The purpose of the Enrolment Form is:

  • to have contact details for a person in case of an emergency while you are studying here at Lund University.
  • to collect statistics about the class profile; percentage of males/females, age range and nationalities. This class profile is shown on the overview of each programme presentation.

19–26 August

Mandatory web registration

Most departments will ask you to register for your course (and programme) in the Lund University student portal. You must register within the time frame to keep your place on the programme.

Mandatory registration

More information and instructions about the web registration will be provided in the beginning of August by the programme coordinator.

30 August

Official Welcome Meeting and Programme Start

The official start of the autumn semester  is 30 August. There will be no mandatory assignments before this date. Detailed information about the Welcome Meeting and programme start will be sent out by your programme coordinator.

Course literature
University programmes and courses often have long reading lists. These lists include information about the books you need to buy and will be readily available to you at the start of the course/programme. In most cases, your programme coordinator will send out the literature list by email in August. The literature list will also be published on your course page in the learning platform Canvas. 

Read more about course literature

Date yet to be announced

LUSEM Mingle (online)

You will be introduced to resources available specifically for you as a student at Lund University School of Economics and Management. Listen in and learn more about:

During the event you will be able to ask questions through the chat.

A link to the online mingle/webinar in Zoom will be sent to you by email by your coordinator or published on your course or programme page in Canvas. 

General information from Lund University

Read the pre-arrival guide thoroughly

All students admitted to Lund University are sent a pre-arrival guide before the start of the semester. These guides provide detailed information to help you prepare for your stay in Lund and the answers to most of the questions we receive from students.

Read more about key preparations at

Arrival and orientation

Most international students arrive in Lund on Arrival Day, about two weeks before the start of the semester. Another reason to come to Lund on Arrival Day is that you will be able to participate in the Orientation Weeks from the start.

Arrival and orientation

Virtual events for admitted students

Lund University is hosting virtual events and webinars about next steps for admitted students, applying for a residence permit, housing and student life – and several region- and country specific events.

See full schedule of virtual events

Student at LUSEM – practical information for current students 

New at LUSEM? We have collected useful information for current students on our website. This includes: 

  • Course registration
  • Schedule
  • Your educational platform – Canvas
  • Course literature
  • Wifi and internet
  • Copy and print
  • Our campus
  • Academic writing and study skills
  • Support and planning
  • Rules and regulations
  • Student engagement

Read more

We wish all of you a wonderful summer and hope to see you in August!

Contact us

Igor Plicanic
Programme coordinator
+46 46 222 15 61

Martin Blom
Programme director
+46 46 222 96 21

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