Master’s in Economic Development and Growth

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | University of Groningen | Lund University | 2 years | 120 ECTS credits

MEDEG Research Thesis Excellence Student Paper Series

The MEDEG students are offered the opportunity to write two individual student thesis during their programme. The first year ends with a thesis worth 12 ECTS credits (in Madrid) or 20 ECTS (in Groningen). Thesis are supervised individually by highly competent academic staff in the Departments. The second year in finalized with all MEDEG students writing a Master’s thesis worth 15 ECTS credits.

We have selected the best thesis from the first years in Groningen and Madrid to be published in our Research Thesis Excellence Student paper series. From the second year in Lund we have selected the theses nominated to or awarded the Prize for Best Master’s Thesis of the year at the Department of Economic History in Lund.

First year theses


The dynamic effects of fiscal consolidations on income distribution: evidence for Spain over 1980-2020
Theresa Pieper, (2022)

The dynamic effects of fiscal discretion on income distribution in the EU-27
David Sarasa Flores, (2021)

Yet Another Possible Negative Effect of Racial Discrimination: Redlining and Education
Sofía Camila Balladares Herbert, (2021)

The Labor Market Impact of Natural Disasters: Evidence from Twin Earthquakes in Mexico
Alina Maria Viktoria Winter, (2020)

Growth Constraints and External Vulnerability in Argentina
Ana Laura Catelén, (2020)

The Long-Term Impacts of the Sahel Famine for Survivors in Mali
Matthew Adam Latham, (2019)

Do Coral Reefs Matter? An Analysis of the Effects of Climate Induced Coral Bleaching on the Biological Standard of Living in Indonesia
Roman Eric Sieler, (2019) 

The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on (unpaid) Child Labour – Evidence from Juntos in Peru
Johannes Brehm, (2018)

Why do businesses operate in the informal sector? A compositional analysis of the informal business sector in Sub-Saharan Africa
Henrika Langen, (2018)

A new approach: measuring inequality through NBI method in Peru
Patricia Festa Secanella, (2016)

Natural Resources and Institutions in Latin America
Karoline Jensen Alnes, (2016)

Skill Bias and Wage Inequality in Ghana: Evidence from Quantile Regressions
Gregory Saldutte, (2016)

Drug Trafficking and Household Surveys in Contemporary Mexico. Can We Detect Narco Activity with Houshold surveys?
Alexandra Bussler, (2015)

Introducing R&D Capital Stock into National Accounts. The Case of Japan 
Juan Labat Frugoni, (2015)


To be announced.