Master’s programme in Information Systems

MSc in Information Systems | 1 year | 60 credits

Programme office

Joakim Westerlund

Linda Öberg

Programme coordinator
Your Master's programme coordinator is your contact person during your studies, and will inform you about programme-specific information before your arrival. The coordinator work closely with the programme director during the application process. You are most welcome to contact Linda Öberg if you have any questions.


Paul Pierce profile photo

Paul Pierce

Programme director, Assistant Professor
Paul Pierce is an Assistant Professor in Informatics with a background from Industrial Environmental Economics. His main research areas are within digitalization of physical infrastructure e.g., Smart Cities, as well as Alliances and Partnerships. On top of this, he dedicates a substantial part of his time to the interaction between academia and industry, which his teaching benefits from in the form of guest lecturers and case projects.

Paul Pierce in the research portal LUCRIS


General questions about the application process, fees and scholarships

The Lund University International Marketing Team (who also run the Lund University Facebook Page) are well equipped to deal with general questions about the application process. 

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Questions about general entry requirements and eligibility

Do you have questions about your eligibility? You may contact the Lund University Admissions Office. Please note that the Admissions Office at Lund University is not able to give you a preliminary assessment. A decision regarding your eligibility will be made once you have made an application and submitted required documents.

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Have a chat with one of our student ambassadors to get a first-hand account of our study programmes.

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Upcoming virtual events

Do you want to learn more about Lund University, our study opportunities and how to apply? Attend a virtual event – for example, a webinar, live session or virtual fair – for prospective students, applicants and admitted students! 

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