Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation | 1 year | 60 credits

Alumni profiles

The programme is proud of our network of alumni. Many of our alumni join the programme as guest lecturers and mentors.

Became the Head of a startup

Got involved in a company that had been a source of inspiration. Meet Joel Rikardsson.

Head of Operations at Rubato

Meet Joel Rikardsson from Class of 2022.

Joel Rikardsson, from our Class of 2022, today is Head of Operations at Rubato, a dynamic fashion startup. 

His entrepreneurial journey began with a twist of fate when he ventured into the fashion industry, only to face unexpected setbacks. Undeterred, he pivoted and seized an opportunity at Rubato, a company that had been a source of inspiration during his entrepreneurial endeavors. He initially joined to explore the inner workings of a growing startup but soon became integral to its success. 

As an analytical thinker, Joel excelled in operations, refining processes, managing product delivery , and enhancing customer support. Over time, he naturally assumed the role of Head of Operations, steering the ship through challenges. 

Joel's path from our Master's program to his current leadership position at Rubato is a testament to the transformative power of education and the entrepreneurial spirit. 

"Success in entrepreneurship is not about avoiding failure; it's about learning from it, growing stronger, and embracing the beautiful journey of building something meaningful. Fail fast, fail cheap, and fail often," said Joel.


Some of our alumni have continued as changemakers in NGOs. Meet Karl Yves Vallin and Melissa Dogo.

Managing Director of RFSL Utbildning AB

Karl Yves Vallin from Class of 2021.

Meet Karl Yves Vallin from Class of 2021, who is today, the Managing Director of RFSL Utbildning AB, which provides education services to businesses and organizations with the aim of improving the quality of the working environment by promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in the workplace. 

Karl found the Entrepreneurial Finance course most useful especially in managing the profit/loss of his company.  For one of the company's products, the LGBTQ certification, he also leveraged experimentation and market validation, taught to him during the Masters, to test if it is something that will useful and profitable. Finally, the programme instilled an entrepreneurial mindset in him--everything from bootstrapping, maximizing resources, "digging the soil and using whatever you can find". 

"If I only had my Master in Psychology, I would never have gotten this position or started LuFu AB, my previous company. This Masters has shaped me and helped me in managing social enterprises from an entrepreneurial perspective so I am really thankful for the education," Karl Yves said. 

WaterAid Sverige and SIWI - Stockholm International Water Institute

Melissa Dogo from Class of 2020.


Melissa Dogo (née Melissa Bojang) from Class of 2020 has been applying what she learnt from our Master Programme in her work at WaterAid Sverige and SIWI - Stockholm International Water Institute.  Over the last few years, she has introduced frameworks she learnt during the programme to her colleagues to lead new thinking and innovation from within. 

For example, on a practical level, the module on entrepreneurial marketing was most useful as she could leverage customer journey and value mapping to better understand end users. Learning about co-creation and opportunity recognition also helped her and the organisation find new partners.  Strategically, when supporting her NGO with change management, she advised her colleagues in using the NABC and value proposition model. She also used the Business Model Canvas to better understand how they can enhance their offerings to customers/partners. 

"Even though I'm not working for a startup, my skills are useful support for NGOs that want to evolve and innovate. I can be part of filling a competence gap here as many people do not have an entrepreneurial business/innovation background. I'm grateful to LUSEM and all my teachers for the great education and equipping me with essential skills to make an impact, no matter which sector I work for,” said Melissa.

Started her own company

Meet an alumna who started her own company within the beauty industry, Gisele Azad.

Founder of Skøn

Gisele Azad from Class of 2018.

Battling with racism and exclusion, alumna Gisele Azad was eager to work for change when she was accepted for the Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During her year at LUSEM, negative experiences was turned into power and creativity through an encouraging atmosphere. With passion for inclusiveness and newfound strength, Gisele turned bad experiences into her own sustainable skincare company: Skøn.

"The programme allowed me to develop myself in all ways, academically, professionally but definitely also personally."

Gisele, tell us about what you do today!
I run a company called Skøn. We create natural and vegan skincare products focused on well-being and self-care. Which entails, on a day to day bases I mostly do creative work in a visually as well as strategic sense. What is most important to me is that everything I put out in the world is supportive to society and planet.

What is the main reason you work with what you do?
From a very young age I knew two things for sure: I want to give back and I want to be creative - preferably the combination of the two. I am a refugee from Tehran, Iran. I have seen the struggles my parents have gone through and experienced how society has treated us differently. For me personally, the way I looked is what drove me to get in to the beauty sphere. When I was younger I tried everything to fit in but never succeeded because I didn’t look like my friends. Society showcases an image of what is beautiful and I did not fit in to that image.

For over a decade, I worked closely with refugees. The diverse and talented group of youngsters inspired me to express myself more, no matter what society draws up as ‘normal’ or ‘beautiful’. Changing society is a hard thing to do, taking care of ourselves - mind and body is the first step within this ’master plan’. Combining my passion to be creative and fight for a more inclusive world turned in to a skincare company. My mission with Skøn is to work towards a more diverse beauty industry.

"Combining my passion to be creative and fight for a more inclusive world turned in to a skincare company"


How did LUSEM prepare you for a career as an entrepreneur?
I am beyond thankful for my masters programme. It has a serious academic curriculum without forgetting the students personalities and personal ambitions. Starting a company is no joke and I got well prepared for the years ahead. When I got accepted to the programme, the pain and trauma of racism and exclusion weighted on my shoulders, but I was on a mission to gain knowledge on starting a strong business. The programme allowed me to develop myself in all ways, academically, professionally but definitely also personally. With gaining knowledge on how to assess my ambitions, the negative thoughts and experiences faded away and power took over. Gaining this power has opened so many doors and opportunities which I couldn’t have done without getting my masters degree.

What advice would you give yourself if you started your studies now?
When looking at business in the traditional sense we look for gaps in the market and ways to make a lot of money. A lot of people forget that running a business is hard work, day in and out, for many years. The ‘gaps’, or the focus on money won’t make you successful. I advice myself and every other entrepreneur to find your power, your ambition and go from there. That is what will make you business stick out and become successful in the end. I work hard to create a safe space where everyone can be and look exactly how they are. I hope Skøn can keep on doing that for many years.

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Changemakers, innovators and intrapreneurs

Some of our alumni have continued as changemakers, innovators and intrapreneurs in existing organisations. 

Meet Melissa and Katalin:

Interview with Melissa Mae Cruz, Class of 2023

Interview with Katalin Vikuk, Class of 2022