Freemovers are students who organize studies abroad on their own, without being part of an exchange programme.

For LUSEM students

When you arrange studies abroad on your own, you need to be prepared to pay tuition fees. You will be solely responsible for handling your application, course selection, language tests and all contacts. A lot of the information and rules for exchange students regarding credit transfer also apply to those who travel on their own. 

Some universities accept students for free, but students who apply on their own are usually required to pay a tuition fee. You will need to check with each university whether or not they accept freemovers.

Credit transfer

Students who travel abroad on their own are also covered by the rules and requirements for credit transfer that apply to exchange students in general. If your study results are from a government-approved educational institution (in some cases, the university must be regionally accredited) and have obtained academic credits, you may transfer your credits to a degree from Lund University.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) can help you check whether the university you have chosen is approved. Remember to collect the relevant course information, course syllabus, etc. during your stay abroad to facilitate the credit transfer upon your return.

Your studies abroad will not be registered in LADOK, neither before nor after your studies. The study results are only reported on your degree certificate when issued at your request. When you request a degree certificate, specify which courses you wish to include in your degree and append the original copy of your international certificate to your request to the Degree Office at Lund University.

Contact the Lund University Degree Office