During your exchange

Important documents to bring

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Up-to-date Ladok transcript
  • Financial documentation (documentation of study allowances or certificate from bank/ parents)
  • Insurance documentation (Medical Insurance Card/Certificate from Kammarkollegiet, and/or the European Health Insurance Card for EU/EEA citizens)
  • Valid passport (check that your passport is valid six months after completed exchange period)
  • Copy of passport (leave one copy at home too)
  • Photos (passport style)
  • Visa
  • Vaccination history
  • If you take medication, don’t forget to ask your doctor to issue prescriptions that you can bring with you. If you carry medicine in your luggage, we recommended that you have a signed document from a doctor certifying that the medicine is for your personal use (for customs). You must also make sure that the medicine is legal in the country you are visiting.
  • The International student identity card may give you reduced travel prices (ISIC)

Registration in Ladok

Log in and register your semester abroad in the Lund University Student Portal at the beginning of your outgoing semester. You will receive instructions on how to do it by email when the registration has opened. 

If you are eligible for student finance from CSN, you can submit your application to CSN before registering. If you have accepted a place and submitted the form “Confirmation of exchange”, you will be entered as admitted to exchange studies in LADOK at the beginning of May if you are travelling in the autumn, and in early November if you are travelling in the spring. CSN will then be able to see that you have been admitted to exchange studies and you do not need to append any special certificate to your application for student finance.

Lund University Ambassador

As a representative of Lund University, it is important that you are a good ambassador. The host university might ask you to attend information meetings to inform their students about Lund University and Sweden. As an exchange student, you are expected to partake in such events. Contact your international coordinator to get information material sent to the host university.

You can also become a guest instagrammer for LU Abroad (@lund_university_abroad) and show your everyday life as a student abroad to other students who are interested in exchange studies. If you are interested, contact lunduniversityabroad@er.lu.se.

In case of emergency

The host university can help you with most things. After ensuring your safety, keep your relatives and your coordinator at LUSEM/Lund University informed. Follow the instructions of the host university and your home embassy.

Always contact Falck Global Assistance as soon as possible if you are in an emergency situation both within and outside EU/EEA. They will help you with advice on where to go, what to do, emergency travel and expensive medical costs.

If something happens to you during your exchange semester, we will help you with all the formalities and further contacts with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

Last published: 2020-09-30