Bachelor’s programme in Economy and Society

BSc in Economy and Society | 3 years | 180 credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No. If you eventually want to do a Master’s in Economics, you should study a Bachelor’s programme in Economics. The program is not a Bachelor programme in Economics and is not designed to prepare you for a Master’s programme in Economics. However, with a diploma in Economy and Society you may be eligible for some Master programmes in Economics taught in Sweden or abroad.

Answer: Whereas most Bachelor programmes focus on teaching either quantitative research methods, or qualitative research methods, many professions require a combination of those skills. In Economy & Society you will not only learn both, but also be taught how to combine the approaches, so you can exploit the strengths of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Answer: The admissions process is carried out by University Admissions, a division of the Swedish Ministry of Education. It is not caried out at Lund University. For information on all aspects related to the admissions process, please read more here.

Answer: The Economy & Society programme focuses on structural change in past, present, and future. It does so by looking at the interplay between society, economy, and technology.

You can read more about the philosophy behind the programme in an interview with the programme director.

Interview with the programme director in the student union magazine

Last published: 2023-03-16