Minds over Matters

A pod on economics and management

Check out LUSEM's podcast Minds over Matters where we discuss current topics relating to the specialties of researchers at LUSEM.

During spring of 2023, LUSEM's communications department launched a new research podcast. In each episode, research communicator Peter Kjällkvist meets a researcher at the School of Economics who, based on his own knowledge and research, discusses and answers questions. So far we have published five episodes on different themes and with three different researchers. While these have been in Swedish, we are looking forward to having discussions in English as well.

You can find the episodes here:

#5 Research policies and the need for reform, with Mats Benner, Dean at LUSEM.

#4 Immaterial rights and AI, with Johan Axhamn, Researcher in Business Law.

#3 The people of entrepreneurship, with Anna Brattström, Associate professor in Entrepreneurship.

#2 Black swans, with Fredrik NG Andersson, Associate professor in Economics.

#1 Housing policy and rent regulations, with Lars Jonung, Professor emeritus in Economics.


Peter Kjällkvist
Communications officer

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Peter Kjällkvist
Last published: 2024-01-08