Sparbanken Skåne Centre for sustainable enterprising

a new research centre in lund 

In September 2022 LUSEM, LTH and Sparbanken Skåne established a joint centre for sustainable enterprises and sustainable development, Sparbanken Skåne Centre for Sustainable Enterprising (SSCEN). The centre is initially financed through a generous donation from Sparbanken Skåne.

What has SSCEN meant to business and industry in Skåne?

A rapid transformation of businesses and industry, facilitated by government policy, is necessary in the next 5–10 years to reach climate, biodiversity and other sustainability goals. It entails changes in production and consumption, increased resource efficiency and circularity, new sectoral couplings, value-chains, and business models. Change is expected at different levels, from strategic re-orientation in individual companies to large parts of the financial system, and from changes in consumer preferences to international environmental, climate and trade policy.

To develop new knowledge and address the challenges the research is broad, interdisciplinary, and aimed at finding solutions. It is shaped and undertaken in close collaboration with businesses, the public sector, and other actors.

The centre is led by four senior researchers from LUSEM and LTH and initially the centre will recruit four PhD students and several post-docs. In the establishment phase several actors will be involved, including companies and representatives from the public sector, politics, and other parts of Lund University, not least education. The aim is that the centre becomes an important part of, and platform for, the development of sustainable businesses and industry.