Reference Management

for students and employees at lusem

When you write academic text, you must cite and refer to your sources correctly. This applies regardless of whether you are writing an essay or other scholarly texts.

Reference management software

To facilitate your reference management, there are several programs you can use. As a student or employee at Lund University, you can benefit from the collective license for EndNote.

You can also use a free program, such as Zotero or Mendeley:

Referencing styles

There are several different systems for how to manage references and citations. When writing academic texts, it is important to follow the tradition which applies to the subject in question.

LUSEM’s policy is that all students (apart from Law) are to use LUSEM’s Harvard Referencing Style. You can download LUSEM’s Harvard Referencing Style to use in the reference management software program EndNote. You can also find LUSEM’s Harvard Referencing Style in the free programmes Zotero and Mendeley - search for Lund University School of Economics and Management.

The department of Business Law

The department of Business Law recommends the Oxford style - The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).

Go to ASKS on Canvas to read more about Referencing for Law Business Law Students: